Corner Chapter1

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It all happened in a normal day of April. It was raining all night. The ground was wet still and the air felt fresh. It was just a normal day for Neo.

Neo’s boss was furious about him. The plan was obviously not satisfying enough for him. So Neo had to work late to make a new one.

It was late when he finished. Neo looked up outside the windows as if in a trance.

Cold air of the night made him refreshed. And he called a taxi to a bar nearby.

After a couple of drinks, Leaning against the counter, he found himself stuck in a stupor again.

“Rough day?”

Neo tried to focus and looked up at the guy talking to him.

“You tell me.”

“Drinking alone?”

“And here comes my company.”

He smiled a bit, knocked on the counter to the waiter.

“Two more beers please.”

“I am David.”


“Okey Mr.Good.”

Neo finally laughed.

“You are really bad at striking up a conversation.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Neo stared at this guy for a while but didn’t speak.

He looked back and said with a smile."What? "

"Nothing."Neo smiled back.

“So tell me about it?”

“About what?”

“Your rough day.” He raised his eyebrows and kept smiling.

“Oh, nothing matters. It was just my annoying boss not satisfying my plan, so I had to overworked.”

“Sounds like someone should had a rest.”

“And here am I.” Neo shrugged a bit.

“You? Who bring you to me? Another annoying boss?”

“Not exactly. Actually I came for you.”

Neo stopped for a while staring at David then said.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.” David smiled again. “Fact is that I have been waiting for you the whole week expecting your appearance.”

“I can’t tell if it’s hot or creepy. But ok, glad to hear that.”

“Let’s just leave the hot part for you. I could bear with the creepy.”

“You are really bad at flirting.” Neo laughed a bit now.

“So what do you do? You won’t tell me that you are working here right?”

“No, my hottie. I work at a bookstore. Doesn’t pay well but it’s a relaxing job.”

“Cool. I was dreaming to open one when I retire.”

“Then you should pay a visit in workdays.” David smiled again.

“Sure, if I have vacancy.”

“So it’s a date then. a bookstore date.”

“Hummn. Okay, I could live with that.” Neo said.


“I thought you would hook up with me, since you’ve expecting me for a week.”

“Would you say yes to that?”

“Actually yes, you look nice… and…hot.”

David laughed, came to Neo and hugged him.

“We could save it for the date.”

“Ok.” Neo smiled with satisfaction.

After exchanging numbers they left the bar.

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